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plus size underwear wholesale for 2017 are going to work for anyone

Le 24/06/2017

With the summer around us, I've been hitting a new swimsuit on my shopping site. I'm looking for plus size underwear wholesale something that can build sandcastles with my 3-year-old niece, rather than screaming "extra stuff" in Nicki Minaj video.

So far, I have gone empty-handed.

This year, the fashion industry seems to have some particularly strange thoughts on what we should wear on the beach. Swimwear plus size underwear wholesale design has always been required to mix fashion and practical - at least to enable the implementation of a puppy that can be passed - paddling to highlight the characters, reflecting the current trend. But now the balance seems particularly prominent, all functions are left aside.

Perhaps you have seen one of these confusing but suddenly ubiquitous styles: first, through the belly or belly of the belt wrapped together, triggering a cats cradle game. Separate tan lines are needed to consider. If you forget to re-use sunscreen, will you look like a piece of waffle as you fall asleep?

Where there are those who have cut - some from the chest to the buttocks of the slits, the other arranged along the buttocks bones. Even if you are reading a romantic novel in a small room, it is hard to plus size underwear wholesale imagine these peeps boo keep the status quo. If you are going to take a wave or return a volleyball service, forget about it.

Do not forget the style of the shoulder - has recently become a millennium women's summer uniforms shirt silhouette. They look cute, but you can not really lift your arm 90 degrees. In other words, they are not suitable for swimming swimwear.

These garments are incredibly discerning and seem to be perfect for a usage: on a recliner on the Las Vegas pool party is covered with a parasol.

To make sure I did not expect these puzzling swimsuits to flourish, I called Sidney Morgan-Petro, retail editor of trend forecasting company WGSN.

"Unfortunately, a lot of people, bundling and packing and attire are definitely a place in the swimsuit, and she expects the trend to last for at least a year," Morgan - Petro said.

If the swimwear is really about the function, we will wear clothes like Katie Ledecky who broke the world record in the Olympic pond.

Of course, the fantasy beach is not brand new. Beyonce has been walking through the belly chain or a large necklace on the surf in the past few years the most fascinating paparazzi photos. While women have long been choosing to wear different clothes to chase their children in public swimming pools, rather than romantic holidays with spouses.

But somehow this latest invasions seem like my swimsuit seems to be unavoidable this summer. This is not just a bold high-end fashion brand is moving toward the trend. For example, Macy's is selling plus size underwear wholesale Kenneth Cole numbers, which looks like a pirate ship network. Kohl's is a high waist bikini pants, with a lot of belts, will be packed with your meat, like the same tenderloin.

Goal, claiming to occupy the first market share in the swimming business of plus size underwear wholesale each female large-scale chain stores, also selling aesthetics. A suit that wears a large area of ​​the abdomen is described as providing "weight loss control".


Ashley Graham Directs Women In plus size underwear wholesale photoshoot

Le 23/06/2017

Active Queen Queen Ashley Graham is back!

Models and physical activists have recently worked with charisma to plus size underwear wholesale guide four women to the first underwear photography.

August 20 released eight minutes of video shows that Graham through the shooting to guide women, and encourage them to striptease, despite their pressure, but still behind.

Throughout the video, women share their insecurity, and Graham helps them loose by dancing, screaming and some simple good advice.

She said: "I want to pull my bottom is really high, so my most unsafe part is wandering, you want to take off your plus size underwear wholesale," she told Elisa, she was a woman, she told Gray He is recovering from anorexia.

"If I come across that insecure part, I look unsafe," she told Carolina, she shared her stomach and arms uncomfortable. "I like the part, I remind myself," Graham added.

The video is the same part of plus size underwear wholesale the emotion and excitement. Graham is a relentless positive factor that takes time to remind every woman that they are beautiful.

"I've been very comfortable here!" Kettering said he told Graham that she was scratched on her skin,

As women begin to review their photos, they share their feelings.

"It's not every day I'll see girls like this underwear advertising," another girl Anastasia said.

Kaitlyn added: "I think it's like my body, just like I should embrace more."

Graham told Eliza said: "I thought plus size underwear wholesale there was all the young girls, the body was very safe and they saw you, they said:" If you can do that, I can do that, "Thank you.

This day proved to be too much, even supermodel, she finally began to cry.

"People just think that the body image and the body revolution are a trend and fashion," Graham said, clearly controlling himself. "If we continue to talk like this, if we continue to talk about plus size underwear wholesale what the society says ugly, what we can not see in the media, what is this change, that's how we made a statement We ruled out all things now and created New normal phenomenon.

Graham continues to be the greatest inspiration and example for pursuing life and becoming herself.


plus size underwear wholesale series classification

Le 22/06/2017

First, a wide range of plus size underwear wholesale, according to the needs of different age groups can be divided into the following series:

1, girls series:

Girls girls wear, style more lively, light, more colorful and rich colors. Girl period, the girl breasts in the development period, you can choose a different function of plus size underwear wholesale for orthopedic, shaping thickening, shaping, or the use of massage underwear to promote breast development. (Thickening), health (water bag, walking beads, essential oils) underwear

2, youth series:

Young women mature breast development, a wide range of plus size underwear wholesale, there are ordinary type, decorative type, functional, health care underwear

3, pregnant women series:

Comfortable, cotton underwear, breast-feeding underwear, specially designed for pregnant and lactating women

4, middle-aged series:

Full cup, corset

5, the elderly series:

Full cup, sweatshirt

Second, according to the public demand for underwear wearing function is divided into the following series:

(A) ordinary underwear

(B) functional underwear

1, gathered type bra

Mold cup thick on the thin, is conducive to both sides of the fat to move closer to the middle.

2, massage bra

Essential oils, walking beads, water bags, breast enhancement, massage, promote blood circulation, to a certain extent, the role of prevention of breast disease.

3, thicken bra or padded bra

Play warm, significant role, suitable for flat chest, small chest or the size of their chest is not satisfied with the women wearing and winter wear.

4, invisible bra

Also known as silicone bra, composed of two pieces of silicone and the front buckle, paste the body directly. Now the invisible bra material is silicone, cloth; type bra, milk paste pants, a side paste.

5, adjust the bra

Both sides of the vertical bars than ordinary underwear more than 2-3, received underarm fat, vice milk.

6, special functional bra

Breast-type bra: in the bra in front of the cup openings, whether it is half open cup type, or side open cup type or remove the cup type, are to nurture your baby and specially designed.

Dynamic underwear: in sports, can be more than a general bra with a fixed chest and to ensure the function of the breast, you can avoid injury in sports.

Sexy bra: sexy underwear


Fun underwear sold in full swing, but he want to enter the plus size underwear wholesale market

Le 21/06/2017

In Quanzhou, there is a company selling fancy lingerie, plus size underwear wholesale, with annual sales of billions of dollars, and founder of Dear-lover, Deameng, clothing and decorated you, the most romantic and other brands, in the industry quite famous, it is Fujian Fashion Shihao Clothing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Its founder Lin Le from the carrying 500 yuan business to today's "sexy underwear kingdom", "not simple" three words difficult to generalize. With the clothing out of the sea by the cost of labor, textile materials, rising restrictions, as well as changes in the market, in the development of fashion in addition to fashionable women's skirts, swimwear, ladies and other women's clothing to do a good job, but also force 20 billion Code women's clothing market.

Time Fashion Co., Ltd. Linda Hugo said: There is no off-season market, only the idea of ​​off-season.

From the taste of underwear to do clothing category

Europe and the United States export market, the demand for sexy underwear is relatively large, but the fashion does not want to be confined to the fun of this line, want to deepen the garment industry chain, to achieve the purpose of covering the whole category.

"In addition to sexy underwear, there are now fashion ladies, ladies coat, Siamese pants, fashion is the goal of getting involved in the various categories of clothing. The best now is the skirt, military uniform, sexy underwear, this is the best Three categories, "Linda said.

At present, the overall direction of cross-border electricity business plus size underwear wholesale market around the diversification, personalized direction, but fun underwear in the electricity business platform is a minority category, consumer groups are more narrow. Ying Ying to meet the development of the market multi-faceted, multi-category development trend, to facilitate further expansion of overseas clothing consumer market.

The future of clothing focus on force - 200 million plus size underwear wholesale market

The biggest pain point in the garment industry is the size, ethnic differences, resulting in the size of the size there are differences, which sub-code and the European code is relatively sharp contrast. After a lot of cross-border electric traders have been planted in the size of the somersault.

Now, the seller has seen the importance of size, focusing on the development of different sizes. Such as sales in Asian countries and sales in Europe and the United States the size is different, according to the different consumption areas, to distinguish between consumer demand.

Linda said fashion with the experience of clothing foreign trade, is vigorously embarked on the issue of clothing size. Through the current data, plus size underwear wholesale a large number of 65% of the US women's size of 14 yards and above, which is often overlooked in the market, 20 billion large-scale clothing will be the next focus can be the force of the object , But also the clothing industry to the sea out of the foundation.

In order to meet the needs of more consumers, Linda said, "because each consumer needs different, they generally only concerned about their desired color, size, color and size we will choose at least three or more, to facilitate customer choice.


Where can plus size underwear wholesale

Le 20/06/2017

Tell us that if that sounds like you: you would like to use gloves to equip a whole bunch of surprising new clothes, all of plus size underwear wholesale which will not destroy the bank, or fight in the mall parking road angry. Of course We've covered you here is our guide to buy the best places for budgets that fit budgets online.

Old navy
The great foundation of the old navy can be added to the size of the online - scoring! Try the website for shorts, T-shirts and a nice swimsuit. Bonus: Retailers tend to sell at higher prices.

Forever 21
Do you know that there is always a department dedicated to plus size underwear wholesale the amazing addition of the size of the clothes and accessories? Look great clothes and top about $ 20 - both wardrobe staples and tidal pieces - plus an incredible swimsuit option.

If you are celebrating your personal style, go to ModCloth and see the cool parts that other ladies will not see. Buy with the size of the dress, coat, bottom, swimsuit and intimate relationship, dress from about $ 50, shirt or even lower.

ASOS curve
ASOS size products can be found in the ASOS Curve, shopping experience super simple, smooth. Find clothes, t-shirts, shorts, beautiful swimsuit and more good things.

Dress barn
In the dress Barn find 14 to 24 clothes, blouses, fun capris and summer shorts, plus swimwear and body sculpting clothing, all at perfectly controlled prices. For example, jeans in all kinds of cutting, color and pattern began to more than 30 dollars.

Ashley Stewart
When it comes to wearable trends, you can not play bright colors and patterns on Ashley Stewart with a size of 12 to 26. In addition to exquisite fashion and accessories, it is also a solid source of active clothing, many of which retail $ 30.

Driveway Bryant
For underwear, we like to add the fashion mall Lane Bryant's product, which plus size underwear wholesale eventually includes about 150 kinds of bold colors to choose the bra, wearing a professional shape and sports options - plus a few beautiful bedrooms look boot. Va va voom!

Necessities of life
Naked necessities are another high-quality resource for increasing the size of the intimate relationship, the price range from extreme budget to more relaxed; in the last eye, a large number of large size Hanky ​​Panky pants will let you back to close to $ 100, But there are plenty of options for around $ 8.

All swimsuit
We liked the sexy silhouettes offered by Swimuits For All, the size of 8 to 34, we admit that we are also the attraction of their mission statement: "We believe that the most memorable part of our life is wearing swimwear. By helping anyone and everyone Better, happier and easier to get these experiences, we are making the world a better place to swim. "This is a thought we can behind!


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